When you’re shopping for the right locks for your home, there seems to be an almost endless selection of various kinds of locks. The truth is, however, that overall, locksmith experts agree that deadbolts are your best bet.

Deadbolts are indeed typically viewed by most professional locksmiths as one of the safest and most secure ways to protect your place of residence. The reason they are called “dead” is because they lack springs to operate the bolt; in other words, a deadbolt is operated manually ~ with a thumbturn or a key.

Professional locksmiths recommend that you install deadbolts on all of your external doors. There are many types to choose from. The most common are jimmy-proof, single-cylinder, double-cylinder, and lockable thumbturn.

Home Lockouts

  • A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock, most frequently found on double doors and at apartments. A surface-mount lock means that the lock screws into the inside of the door, rather than with a complex drill pattern, the way a regular deadbolt does. A jimmy-proof deadbolt is very popular, because of the minimal door modifications required. In this unique type of deadbolt lock, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, which prevents it from being pulled apart easily or from being forced from the outside.

  • A single-cylinder deadbolt lock is what we usually imagine when we think of a deadbolt. It has a key cylinder on the outside, with a thumbturn on the inside to open or close it. These deadbolt locks are normally used on wooden or solid metal doors. The one disadvantage to this type of deadbolt is that if there’s any possible access to the inside (such as through a window nearby, or even through your peephole, which a professional thief can do using simple tools), then the door can be opened with the thumbturn.

  • A remedy for this challenge is to choose a double-cylinder deadbolt. This type has a key cylinder both on the inside of the door and on the outside. As a result, if it is locked, the double-cylinder always requires a key to open the door from the inside. It’s ideal if your door has any glass, or if your door has a window nearby, since it prevents an intruder from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Its drawback is that it is a bad idea in case of fire. Therefore, if you choose to install this type of deadbolt at your home, you ought to always make sure that you leave a key on the inside whenever people are there, so that you’ll always be able to get out safely in an emergency.

  • The lockable thumbturn deadbolt lock is basically a blending of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt. It has a thumbturn on the inside, which works like a regular single-cylinder deadbolt, but it can be locked with a key, so that it cannot lock or unlock the door. This means that the thumbturn can be left in an unlocked position while people are inside your house, but it will operate exactly like a standard single-cylinder deadbolt. When you all go out, especially if it’s for an extended length of time, the thumbturn can be easily locked, so even if a burglar manages access to your door from the inside, the deadbolt cannot be unlocked. This is a kind of deadbolt that will definitely provide you with maximum flexibility and security.

In addition to these solid choices, there are also five more types of deadbolt locks that are often recommended by the experts: rim, vertical, mortise, keyless, and digital.

  • A rim deadbolt is a deadbolt lock that’s bolted to the inside face of the door. The good thing about this type of deadbolt is that it locks automatically behind you every time you shut the door. This way, you won’t ever forget to lock up.

  • A vertical deadbolt lock is bolted to the inside face of the door as well, but this kind is placed on top of the door, which makes it impossible for a potential robber to pry it open by placing a bar between the door and the frame, which someone can do in the case of some horizontal deadbolts. The vertical and rim deadbolt are both very easy to install. A minor drawback to both the rim deadbolt and the vertical deadbolt is that they are more bulky, and therefore not as attractive as conventional deadbolts.

  • A mortise deadbolt lock is an old-fashioned-style lock that you can install in a mortise or recess pocket, cut in the edge of the door, so that it cannot be easily tampered with. This kind of lock is tough; but one thing to keep in mind is that because you have to penetrate the door frame to make a rather large hole, it can slightly weaken the structure of the door itself.

  • A keyless deadbolt lock is also mounted on the inside of the door, but it has a keypad instead of a keyhole. Instead of using a key, you type in your own secret code. The advantage of this type of deadbolt is, of course, that you won’t need a key at all, so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your key or having it stolen. And, for optimized security, you can change your code every few months, or as often as you wish.

  • A digital deadbolt is much like a keyless deadbolt, because you have a keypad instead of a keyhole. What’s different here is that it requires batteries or electricity. Be sure to always keep the batteries charged in case of a power outage!

Before you can decide upon exactly the right deadbolt locks for your home’s needs, you ought to bring all your questions and concerns to a local professional trustworthy locksmith in Fort Lauderdale. If you live anywhere in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you may want to meet with a reliable mobile staff locksmith expert at Optimal Locksmith Pro, where free consultations are available.

What to Try If the Key Is Stuck In Your Car’s Ignition

Automotive Keys

When it comes to automotive security, you can usually trust the locks, keys and security features that came with your vehicle to be reliable and durable. These have been especially designed to provide its users with the best possible protection, but nothing is ever immune to damage. Even simple lock and key issues may cause a bit of trouble, and that is why automotive locksmiths such as Optimal Locksmith Pro are here to provide you with trusted help with all security-related matters.

A common issue automotive locksmiths in Fort Lauderdale, FL, attend to is assisting car owners with keys stuck in the ignition. It is something that can happen to anyone, at any given time, and some car owners may feel at loss of what to do when they encounter themselves in this predicament.

Even if you have never been in this situation, you could can probably imagine the frustration felt by those who have. Simply put, a key stuck in the ignition will make your vehicle inoperable. If your key gets stuck when the car is turned on, you won’t be able to turn it off or drive away; if it happens when the car is turned off, you may be stranded until the issue has been resolved. In either stuck key situation, locally-based locksmiths will be able to get to you, and help you out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We hope to ease the stress you may experience by providing you with all the information that you need to know about handling a key that is stuck in the ignition. Consider this your step-by-step guide to getting through this frustrating problem, no matter when you find yourself in this situation. Knowing in advance what to do, and what to expect, will prepare you in case you ever find yourself in a car with a jammed key.

So, let’s take a look at what you should do in this sticky situation.

Before you contact a locksmith, see if you can solve the issue yourself. Sometimes a stuck key can be released through some basic troubleshooting, other times key extractions and ignition cylinder replacements may be called for.

Emergency Locksmith

Here are some of the different steps to take prior to requesting automotive lock and key assistance.

Basic checks

There are situations where your key may get stuck while the car is turned on, or with the car turned off. So here is what to do in each individual situation:

If your car is turned on, you should:

  • Check the gears. If the car is in drive instead of park, it will not let you remove the key or turn the vehicle off.
  • Check the dashboard to see if it matches your gear lever’s transmission. Shift it back and forth to the correct one if needed, and see if you can extract they key then.
  • After these checks, try to bring the car back to park to see if the issue persists.

If your car is turned off, you should:

  • Check the key position. Aged cylinders can mean that your key becomes stuck.
  • Move the steering wheel back and forth while gently trying to remove key from lock position.
  • Check for a dead battery. A sure sign you may have a dead battery is that the dashboard has lit up. Dead batteries will lock the keys into the ignition as the car won’t be able to correctly identify the chip being inserted.
  • If you have some lube, try loosening the key with it and see if you can remove it then.

If none of these troubleshooting tips have helped, then it is definitely time to contact a locksmith.

While waiting for assistance

So you contacted a Fort Lauderdale, FL, professional and told them the issues you are faced with. You can expect the assistance from a locally-based automotive locksmith to be quick and easily accessible. They will always try to get to customers as soon they possibly can, but while you are waiting we recommend that you do the following:

  • Make sure key is kept in lock position to avoid battery drainage
  • Use a spare key to manually lock the vehicle if required

Hiring a licensed and insured locksmith is always the best resort for lock and key issues, as it will save you time and money. Especially when it comes to handling keys stuck in the ignition, automotive locksmiths will promptly tend to all issues and will save you the hassle of getting your car towed into an expensive mechanical garage.

What to expect from your automotive locksmith

When the locksmith arrives, they will fully inspect the issue at hand. An automotive locksmith will go through all the common troubleshooting techniques, paying attention to batteries, dashboards, or any signs of damage. This will enable them to provide you with a full diagnosis of the problem.

Sometimes all they will have to do is extract your key for you. Other times, they may need to replace a worn out or damaged ignition cylinder, or provide a fix for a faulty component. Regardless, a reliable locksmith service provider in Fort Lauderdale, FL, will have all the tools and components on hand to readily perform any required fixes.

Before they begin the repairs though, you can request them to explain exactly what they will do and a full price quote to go along with their services. Reputable locksmith businesses will provide consultations and price quotes at no cost to their customers.

Remember, locksmiths are on-call to handle urgent matters 24/7, so you should be able to get assistance from them any time of the day. In order to be fully prepared for anything that comes your way, keep the contact details of your trusted locksmith service provider in an easy to access place so that you can get help the moment you experience an issue.